She was a force to be reckoned with, a beautiful soul, a loving caring passionate person.

I came to know Miriam, first through her post and beautiful photos on Facebook from all her hiking adventures. Miriam and my eldest brother became friends when he moved to Cape Town, and as fate had it I also became friends with her when I moved to Cape Town a few years later, and because of her I met the love of my life, my husband Dwayne.

The first time I met Miriam was in Bree street at a Meet-up, and I remember how excited she was to realise that I was Leroux’s little sister, she hugged me and made me feel so welcome.

In 2018 I had the privilege of taking some Personal Branding Head shots of her, she needed new photos for different newspapers and publications. I remember this day so well. I met her at her apartment to do the photo session, arrived about the same time as a courier dropping off a jacket she and some other friend had organised for a fellow hiker. Miriam told me that they were got the jacket and a few other things for a friend who was injured on the mountain, and lost most of his hiking gear. This is how I know Miriam always caring and helping out where ever she can.

She was her lovely wonderful self. We setup studio in her living room and rearranged the whole place to get some photos, all the time chatting away, Laughing and smiling. Miriam always had this energy around her. I remember her telling me about this one friend of hers that she though I would like, but he wasn’t ready for anything serious, neither was I yet at that stage, and I even had the privilege of having Zoey cat hop on my lap while I was taking Miriam’s portraits.

Miriam always had a passion for life, her friends, family, her work, and most important for the fight against injustice and the mountain.

Her caring and passion will always be remembered. Her sudden untimely death was a shock to all and has left everyone with a whole in their lives. Daily she is missed by everyone that loved her. And the world seems a little less bright with out her smile in it.

Miriam will always be remembered.

Miriam Mannak Learning Centre

This week was the official opening of the Miriam Mannak learning centre at Tafelsig Primary school.

The centre was opened on Monday 17 April 2023. The learning and computer centre was donated to Tafelsig Primary and the Run4Schools Foundation in living memory of Miriam. The centre was entry funded by her late estate. The aim of the centre is to help educate the youth at Tafelsig Primary and enable them to learn more about computers, help with their homework assignments, school projects and help build a brighter future for them. Run4Schools has been involved at Tafelsig Primary with after school programs and uplifting them. The program gets the kids off of the streets for an extra hour a day.

This is a start of the great legacy that is Miriam Mannak, “Child of Africa”.