Benita van As Photography is located in Cape Town.


Benita van As Photography specializes in corporate, family and wedding photography.

Benita likes to work in a documentary artistic style for weddings, as well as outdoor portraits, to capture the moments and emotions in time and create art works. The secret in capturing those special moments lies in knowing how to combine the light with composition and create a work of art.  Combining the knowledge of Visual communication and Art with her experience in photography, Benita creates beautiful photographs  filled with emotion.

Benita always strives to produce the best quality work and to portray the events as well as possible. When taking photographs Benita strives to tell your story in a way that you will treasure for years to come. Benita enjoys working in Black & White as this creates a classic and more artistic atmosphere in the photographs.

Before every shoot Benita prefers to meet with the clients to ensure that the vision of what the client wants is clearly understood and accomplished during the photo session.

Contact me and we can meet for a coffee to discuss any questions you have.